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Tutest attempts to relieve faculties of repetitive and manual task of question and test paper preparation and empowers them to create and conduct assessment in few minutes.

It also frees them to progressively evaluate and analyse the performance of students after each test to exactly find out their learning gaps and draw a personalised learning and assessment plan for students.

With Tutest in use, faculties have more and more time to focus on learning gaps, remediation and support students on revision and clarification of doubts.

Tutest is designed to meet the assessment needs of small, medium and large sized schools

Core assessment functions can be performed quickly with very basic training

What does solution consist of ?


Tutest Question bank

140000+ Questions
MCQ, Fill-in the Blanks, True/False, Long and Short etc
Questions on each Topic
Multiple levels of difculty


Tutest Test Bank

4000 + Ready Unit Tests available for instant evaluation
Ready Term Tests for Exam practice


My Question & Test Bank

School can develop its own question bank
It is accessible only to the School
Becomes a permanent resource of the School


Academic support

Curriculum content updates
Periodic content improvements
Free content updates
Assessment solution upgrades


Online & Offline Test

Online test- on desktops at computer labs, tablets, mobiles
Off-line tests- In the class
Auto evaluation and quick teacher-assisted
Frees teachers of manual, repetitive and unproductive evaluation work


Learning Gaps Analysis

Identify weak & strong areas
Learning gaps analysis for each student
Strategic performance analysis for all students



Progressive Student Performance Report
Subject, Section and Class Performance Report
Overall Performance Report
Student Report Card

Assessment Highlights

Tutest facilitates complete management of assessment process within the school without any external dependence

Select a test from Test bank or Create a test from Question banks(Tutest or Own) in few minutes

Configure or organize test

  • Arrange questions in sections
  • Group or subgroup questions
  • Add test specific information to the test

Print a test within the school and conduct a classroom assessment

Conduct an online assessment using any electronic device

Get instant Learning gaps Analysis for focused remediation

Generate other Performance Report to review, plan and improve the academic performance of students and teachers

  • Student Performance Report
  • Class & Section Report
  • Overall Performance Report
  • Student report card

Benefits Reasons to use Tutest

It clearly points out the areas of learning improvement in each student after each test.

It tracks and monitors a student's progress and helps devise a personalized growth plan.

It reduces time taken for assessment significantly so that teachers have more and more time to focus on learning improvement and academics.

Parents are progressively updated and highly involved in students progress.

It does not require any special infra and can be easily implemented with school’s existing infra.

It's very simple, easy to use ,affordable and requires minimal training to implement it.

Courses Offered

Choose a Course that suits your school


Central Board of Secondary Education

  • Class 6 to 10
    • Science
    • Maths
    • Social Science
    • English


Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

  • Class 6 to 10
    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology


Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board

  • Class 6 to 10
    • Science
    • Maths
    • Social Science
    • English


The course covers class 9 & 10 sayllabus to prepare students for competative exams like NEET, JEE Mains

  • Class 9 & 10
    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Follows JEE Course pattern

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