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Empowers and facilitates the complete assessment process of Schools, Colleges and Coaching Centers

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  • JEE-Foundation | NEET-Foundation
  • PCMB-11&12 | JEE-Mains
  • JEE-advanced | AIIMS | CET

Sound practice and preparation are key to success in every walk of life. Academy is not an exception either.In order to make the practice and preparation beget excellent results, a modern educational institution needs to have a well organized, scientific and continuous process of assessment, not as a mere means of compliance and satisfaction, but as an integral part of the pedagogy.

Tutest aids into setting up an organized and scientific culture of assessment in an institution.

Tutest empowers the institution to manage the complete assessment process within using it’s own internal resources.

What We Offer

Question Bank

Questions with detailed solution | Subjective & objective questions | Different levels of difficulty | Criteria based questions |

Test Bank

Unit Tests- for each topic & chapter | Term Tests- For Periodic assessment | Exam- Final exam preparation

Institute's Resources

Institute's Question bank- for the institution to create it’s own questions for use | Institute's Test Bank- each test created is available for future use with modification

Online & Off-line tests

Online test- on desktops at computer labs, tablets, mobiles | Off-line tests- In the class


Auto evaluation and quick teacher-assisted | Frees teachers of manual, repetitive and unproductive evaluation work


Assessment Status | Learning Gaps Analysis | Progressive Student Performance | Subject, Section & Class Performance Reports | Overall Performance Reports

Parents connect

Access to students's Test Status | Test Results | Performance Reports

Academic support

Curriculum content updates | Periodic content improvements | Free content updates | Assessment solution upgrades

Assessment Philosophy

Use quality resources

  • Tutest ready questions and tests
  • Topic level questions
  • Various question types, MCQ, T/F, Fill-in-blanks, Descriptive etc

Equal priority

  • Prioritize assessment at par with teaching
  • Practice and preparation drive up the results

Institutionalise Knowledge

  • Capture,create and organize own resources- questions and tests which form the permanent resource and benchmark for future improvement

Plan smart

  • Plan and conduct continuous objective tests for lesson practice and descriptive tests for exam preparation

Assess analytically

  • Analyse learning gaps and remedy them promptly

Focus on academics

  • Free teachers of manual, repetitive and unproductive assessment work
  • Direct faculty efforts on assessment driven revision, prompt remediation and clarification of doubts
  • Motivate self practice, revision and exam preparation amongst students by taking them through progressive academic improvements

Assessment Approach

Tutest does not attempt any sudden radical change in existing assessment practices and follows a gradual and organized approach to bring in a culture of assessment in the institution

Test Analyse Improve

  • Excel in academic performance with practice, preparation and student-centric remediation.
  • Facilitate ongoing assessments efficiently; no radical changes
  • Use freed resources for quality assessment, analysis and evaluation
  • Follow a learning need -based approach of remediation for each student
  • Improve learning outcomes through best assessment practices
  • Motivate self practice, preparation and revision amongst students

Cloud based

No hardware investment

Hasslefree maintenance

Focus on pure academics

Least, at least

Find out whether your institution is doing at least the least required on assessment.

Talk to our expert and ascertain the facts by yourself.

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